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Conflict management in the company

We recognize that, especially in sensitive areas such as employment law, not only traditional conflict resolution (for example, in court litigation) but, above all, out-of-court conflict resolution tools are becoming increasingly important. Especially where people are to work together on a long-term basis, strategies for conflict prevention and resolution, de-escalation mechanisms and, above all, communication tools are of eminent importance.

We therefore use these mechanisms more and more in our consulting where it makes sense. Our lawyers also have special skills and training in this area.

In some cases, going to court is unavoidable. Above all, our attorneys are also trained and experienced in effective litigation.

Labor law advice

Includes everything that is generally needed in employment law, from drafting the classic employment contract to company agreements and termination. We represent employers – from micro-enterprises to SMEs and corporations just as readily as employees. Our expertise covers everything that is the content of the employment relationship. We are also passionate negotiators in court.

In recent years we have, among other things

Conflict prevention & conflict management

We pay particular attention to strategic approaches that can be mitigated before conflict arises, so that it does not arise in the first place. If the conflict is already fueled, we try to settle it as far as possible by de-escalation. We are especially trained in this area and devote special attention to this – often underestimated – subject area. Our clients appreciate our perseverance and strategic advice, which can only be dealt with step by step in a specific case. But impending conflict can also be well mitigated in contracts and agreements. Especially in a contractual relationship where both parties have to meet each other every day, we consider this approach to be particularly useful and generally much too little considered.

In recent years we have, among other things

Business mediation

We are happy to mediate in this area as classical mediators.

In recent years we have, among other things

Collaborative Law

Is a method of dispute resolution that is not yet well known, in which two attorneys and clients agree to pursue a constructive resolution path. Thus, unlike mediation, the procedure consists of two parties, both of whom are represented by lawyers. From our point of view, the best results are to be achieved, experts and external experts can be consulted at any time. If resolution cannot be achieved through this process, other attorneys then take over representation in court because collaborative lawyers are committed to resolving disputes out of court. In practice, it has been shown that the duration of proceedings in court is then also significantly reduced. Collaborative law can be used not only in employment law and not only in cases of conflict, but also lends itself well to contract negotiations.