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Business Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We advise and represent individuals and legal entities, legal departments and compliance officers with regard to the prevention and detection of criminal acts, corruption or money laundering.

The general prevention of criminal acts to the detriment of the company (Fraud Prevention and Detection) is a core area of our activities.

In cases of suspected criminal acts, however, our activities also extend to the forensic examination of facts and the initiation or prevention of criminal proceedings. In doing so, we represent management bodies and companies not only on the side of the accused and defendant, but also, insofar as this is in the interest of the company, as a victim or private party representative in order to pursue the civil claims of the private party.


We combine litigation experience with criminal law and business expertise and support companies and their management bodies as well as in-house and association lawyers in providing liability-avoiding compliance advice.

In the past we have, among other things

Internal Investigations

Includes supporting and advising companies in the internal investigation of compliance violations, which increasingly poses major challenges for the companies concerned. Whether embezzlement, fraud, corruption or money laundering – the list of possible compliance violations in companies is long.

In the past we have, among other things

Criminal Law on Corruption

With the Corruption Criminal Law Amendment Act 2012, the term “corruption” has also found its way into the Special Part of the StGB. We advise on the admissibility of conduct under criminal law relating to corruption and on the prevention of corruption.

In the past we have, among other things

Property Criminal Law

In cases of suspicion of criminal acts, our activity also extends to the forensic examination of facts, the initiation or prevention of criminal proceedings, in particular iZm property crimes (inter alia, embezzlement, fraud and related offenses, subsidy abuse, Internet fraud, creditor protection offenses, money laundering, accounting fraud, tax evasion, etc.).

In the past we have, among other things

Criminal procedural representation of persons injured by criminal acts

Representation of governments, associations, corporations and their governing bodies, as well as individuals as victims or private parties, to include the civil claims of private parties, and counseling on asset recovery for losses resulting from crime.

In the past we have, among other things