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Sports Law & Sponsoring

Athletes and sports officials can only realize their full potential in their profession or vocation if they can focus on it fully. In order to enable athletes and sports officials to focus fully on sporting success, we advise and represent athletes, sports federations and clubs (both amateur sports clubs and top-level competitive sports clubs) in all legal matters affecting them.

Our lawyers dealing with sports law look back on a career in professional sports themselves or hold positions in associations and association arbitration tribunals.

Philipp Frenzl was himself a professional soccer player and founded the sports consulting platform, while
Dr. Clemens Völkl
is a member of the permanent neutral arbitration panel of the Austrian Football League.

Review and drafting of sponsorship and advertising contracts

Our support is aimed at professionalizing sports marketing and sponsorship at all levels. We therefore support top athletes, associations or sports clubs in the planning and implementation of their sponsorship strategy, for example with the

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Award of sports licensing rights

Sports licensing rights or TV rights are increasingly becoming the most important source of income for sports associations or sports clubs. These are usually marketed centrally rather than decentrally. Our consulting services include the accompaniment and support of sports associations and clubs, in particular with regard to the

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Optimal contracts for athletes and sportsmen

Already at the beginning of their career, young athletes are confronted with contracts in which they commit themselves to a club, transfer rights and enter into comprehensive legal relationships for a longer period of time. On the way to becoming a “professional”, the number and, above all, the importance of the legal issues with which athletes have to “grapple” increases. This involves a wide range of issues.

We advise and represent athletes and sportspersons on a long-term basis, from the beginning of their sporting career to their transition into successful entrepreneurship. Consulting is valuable and important at all stages:

We are happy to provide athletes with professional legal support so that they can concentrate on what is essential for them – the sport.

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Defense of athletes and sportsmen in case of threatened punishment

It sometimes happens that sportsmen and athletes go overboard in the heat of the moment. As a consequence, there is a threat of penalties being imposed by association bodies, administrative authorities or (in the worst case) criminal courts. The following examples illustrate the problem:

These and other tricky situations can not only slow athletes down on their way to athletic success, but throw them completely off track. To avert such negative consequences, athletes should consult with their legal counsel as early and openly as possible. We offer a trustworthy and professional basis for this and ensure that athletes find their way back to the path of success.

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Clubs and associations in the field of sports

Sports associations and clubs (both grassroots sports clubs at the amateur level and competitive sports clubs at the elite level) form the backbone of the Austrian sports world. In carrying out their duties in the service of sport, they are confronted with a number of legal issues from a wide range of fields:

Since sports associations and clubs organize sports activities for a large number of people and guide them in an orderly manner, a solid design of their legal basis and legal relationships is of very special importance.

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