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Cyber Security Response Team (CERT)

Cyber crime has become one of the biggest risks for businesses. New cases of extortion become known almost daily, often involving demands for sums in the millions and the threat of far greater damage for those affected.

Business managers are obliged to adequately protect the company against such risks and to prepare for emergencies.

Then decisions must be made immediately, e.g.: Is the IT recoverable? Does the company pay ransom and is that allowed? What are the obligations towards third parties (insurers, capital market, data protection authority)? What are the liability risks and how can they be limited?

Such crisis situations require specific know-how and a well-coordinated team that, together with the affected parties, enables the systems to be cleaned up, the business processes to be restored and the damage to be limited under the greatest possible time pressure. At the same time, management decisions must be legally supported, sound and well documented to avoid personal liability risks.

What does management need to do?

How we can support you:

In the event of an emergency, your Cyber Emergency Response Team from Völkl and Certitude is at your disposal, already familiar with the framework conditions and key people in the company:

After the crisis, we advise you on the adaptation of your IT security concept to meet requirements, negotiations with contractual partners, assertion of recourse claims, etc. Our prevention work minimizes the risk of successful cyber attacks. In a crisis, you have reliable contacts who support you in protecting the company against damages and also the management against personal liability risks.

Voelkl Rechtsanwaelte on April 15, 2020